Halloween Horrors of the Virtual World

Many video game publishers like to focus on big blockbuster games in the fall, to usher in holiday gift-giving profits. However, a few clever companies have brought their spookiest titles to the market just in time for Halloween. Horror games where monsters pop out at the player for cheap scares are slowly being replaced by projects offering more cerebral frights. Many of this year’s big horror titles have little combat — and even when they do, the primary source of fright comes from the protagonist doubting their own sanity. Whether you’re filling up your own virtual pumpkin bucket or playing the long game of stocking stuffing, here are a few disturbing and terrifying treats that deserve to make the cut. Continue reading at ChelseaNow.com.

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Cosplay and Drag Blend at Flame Con

The stereotypes of nerds and gays often appear at odds with each other, but, for the third year in a row, geek culture and the LGBTQ community have enthusiastically teamed up at Flame Con. The weekend convention, held this year August 19-20 at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott, gathers the artists and writers who create queer comic books, movies, games, and TV shows to unite them with fans. As with any gathering of geeks or drag queens, many of the attendees wore extravagant costumes based on their favorite characters. Continue reading at GayCityNews.com.

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Gaming Fest Makes a Play for Change

Rescuing the princess is a mainstay of video games, but some developers are out to do more than save a fictional damsel. They want to save the real world. For the 14th year, the Games For Change Festival (G4C) will gather together game designers, researchers, and humanitarians to explore how video games can be used for positive impact. The three-day summit (July 31–Aug. 2) will focus on health, social impact, and education, with a full day devoted to Virtual Reality. Continue reading at ChelseaNow.com.

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Close your Legs. I want to Sit Down!: A Guide to Subway Etiquette

The humor book I wrote with my wife is now available on Kindle. Grab your ebook copy of Close your Legs. I want to Sit Down!: A Guide to Subway Etiquette.

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Our Fallout Movie Project

I co-wrote this machinima film! Coming soon to a Youtube near you!

“This is the first teaser and behind-the-scenes look at our fan film project. Created by members from around the Fallout community and produced by ShoddyCast.”

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‘Immersive’ Blender — VR is Here to Stay at TFF

There used to be a debate over whether or not video games could be art. Now the new kid on the block is Virtual Reality (VR). Those at the forefront of storytelling are starting to see that VR is neither a fad nor a toy, and that it has a place alongside more established forms of artistic expression. The Tribeca Film Festival (TFF) had its first VR program in 2016. This year, TFF’s Tribeca Immersive — an umbrella term for all Virtual Arcade and Storyscapes projects — will show how much the art form has grown. Continue reading at DownTownExpress.com.

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On the Shelves or On the Horizon: 2017’s Most Anticipated Video Games

feb23_games_neirIn the film industry, January is used as a dumping ground for movies too embarrassing to be released alongside year-end Oscar bait. However, the video game industry often saves some of its most promising titles for the new year, to avoid competing with blockbusters during the holiday rush — and so, 2017 is off to a great start with a roster of new intellectual properties, and long-delayed sequels that reinvent classic franchises. Here are a few games already on shelves, and some of the most intriguing games on the horizon. Continue reading at ChelseaNow.com.

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