The Longest Journey sequel 17 years in the making

longest-journey-retrospective-001-e1470060650555-625x351“What’s the best video game story of all time?” That’s a question which will lead to broken controllers, bloody knuckles, and Undertale fans getting thrown through Gamestop windows. Many players insist that the point and click adventure games of the 90s are the best examples of video game narrative. Arguably the best of that genre was Funcom’s The Longest Journey from 1999. Despite its acclaim, it took seven years for this game to get its sequel, Dreamfall. The sequel was an excellent game too, but it suffered from many problems, chief among them was a cliffhanger ending which was only recently resolved through a third game. It has taken 17 years for fans to walk this aptly named longest journey. Many players will discover the franchise through the new Dreamfall Chapters, and these people might wonder if they need to play the two older games before trying the new one. The answer is “Yes.” Continue reading at


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