Far Harbor is what Fallout 4 should’ve been all along

Fallout4_FarHarbor_WelcomeSign_1462351149-1-625x352Downloadable content is often a shameless cash grab from a game’s publisher, but sometimes a DLC pack is so good that it surpasses the base game. Many Fallout fans consider the DLC Old World Blues to be much more entertaining than New Vegas‘ main quest line. Bethesda likes to brag thatFallout 4‘s new Far Harbor has the largest landmass of any of their DLC packs, but it’s more than just a huge chunk of new terrain. It is a section of the Falloutworld that is filled with mysteries, and stuffed with conflicts that go far beyond simple good versus evil dilemmas. The factions, and the many secrets that motivate them, form a narrative that upstages Fallout 4′s central story. Continue Reading at Geek.com.


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