Telltale’s Michonne is an empathy game, but with zombies

Michonne-game-review-002-625x352When Telltale Games adapted The Walking Dead into an adventure game, they surprised players by downplaying the violence and action, in order to focus on the characters. Players occasionally got to shoot zombies, but most of the time they were playing diplomat among a group of survivors. The character Michonne didn’t appear in the previous Walking Dead games by Telltale, but she got a three-part episodic series this year that lets her star in a side story. In the comic books, Michonne runs around the zombie apocalypse chopping up Walkers with a katana, and players might have thought that this game would be their chance to indulge in some zombie slashing. However, Michonne’s game is even more character-driven than the previous ones, essentially being one of those empathy games where players are more concerned about Michonne’s psychological health than they are with skewering zombies. Continue reading at


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