Satire and sincerity are indistinguishable in gaming’s culture war

In face-to-face communication, there are countless little clues as to whether or not a person is being earnest. In print, the reader has a harder time distinguishing between deadpan mockery and heartfelt extremism. On the internet, this has come to be called Poe’s Law (named after a user on a Christian Fundamentalism forum), but it applies equally well to any social or political subculture. Video game writer Mark Ankucic decided to see how far this law could be pushed, by creating a fictitious persona as a feminist game critic and infiltrating a popular website that describes itself as an “inclusive, feminist community.” We talked about the experiment with Ankucic along with some outspoken members of the game industry about how this culture war is affecting the industry. Continue Reading on


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Playwright/ Video Game Journalist/ Theatre Critic/ Actor New York City ·
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