Indie game République is a perfect primer for dystopian fiction

repub-625x352When the indie episodic game République launched in 2013, it was only available for smartphones. When the player starts the app, they receive a video call from a mysterious girl named Hope. She needs help and only you, the person playing the game, can provide it. The player’s phone has a unique connection to Hope’s phone and, through this connection, the player can hack into computers and security cameras near Hope. This oh-so-meta story didn’t work quite as well when the early episodes of République were brought to PC and PlayStation 4, but the premise still provides players with a unique way of observing and interacting with the game world. Now, after two-and-a-half years of episodic release, the final episode of République has arrived. Players can finally help Hope escape from the dystopian world that her creators envisioned in 2013 to the surprisingly similar dystopian world of 2016. Continue Reading at


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