In the land of pages, gamers stage this

Game designer Warren Tusk’s “The Dance and the Dawn” is a gothic fairy tale for 15 players who waltz and duel while searching for true love. Illustration by Gonzalo Ordonez.A generation ago, “Dungeons & Dragons” redefined the word “game” to many people. In D&D, players created roles for themselves, and Dungeon Masters told stories that starred those characters. However, this sort of “roleplaying game” doesn’t have to be about killing monsters, or played sitting around a table.

Some people take their games away from the table and do live-action roleplaying, or LARP. Paracelsus Games creates and publishes a form of LARP called “Theatrical Experiences,” which have elements in common with games and improvisational theater. They recently presented one such LARP called “The Dance and the Dawn,” in conjunction with the New York Public Library (NYPL). Continue reading at


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