How to do a Fallout: New Vegas speed run and still enjoy the game

Fallout-speedrun-01-590x369The record for fastest speed run of Fallout: New Vegas was broken multiple times last week. Hardcore fans going by the handles KungKobra, Swags_The_Dog, and Petite_Miku have been one-upping each other, trading places at the top of the speed run charts. As of writing, the new record is held by Swags_The_Dog at 20 minutes and 38 seconds. This is a game where most players are still creating their character after 20 minutes. These speed runs use a few bugs and glitches to get through the game this quickly, and they only complete the essential parts of a handful of mandatory quests, but they also use a specific character build that can speed up progress for any player. Continue reading at


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