Harold | AUTOMATON Review

harold game reviewWhen a new idea hits the industry, there are countless rip-offs that try to add some twist to the formula in the hope of surpassing the original. Canabalt started the “Autorunner” genre in which a character runs across the screen and players make them jump over obstacles using a single button. Copycats soon added in features such as combat, power-ups, and different camera angles, in attempts to augment the experience. These additions often just distracted players from the sense of “flow” that came with the simplicity of the genre. The new indie autorunner Harold (Moonspider Studio) takes a zany and original approach to the genre by casting the player as the guardian angel of a pathetic little man who is trying to reach the other end of an obstacle course. Continue Reading at Automaton.am.

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Playwright/ Video Game Journalist/ Theatre Critic/ Actor New York City · charlesbattersby.com
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