Elegy For A Dead World | AUTOMATON Review

Elegy For A Dead World ReviewElegy For A Dead World (Dejobaan Games/Popcannibal Games; 2014) challenges players to express themselves through creative writing. Each game begins with an astronaut floating in space near three planets. Players fly towards one of the planets, land, and explore the remains of a dead world. As they wander, they discover signs of intelligent life and the remnants of civilization. There are buildings which can be entered, statues that might (or might not) have been modeled after their alien creators, and an occasional sign of animal life in the distance. What happened to the people who used to live here? What was the purpose of these buildings and objects? Who is the astronaut whom the player controls? The answers to all of these questions are answered by the players themselves. Continue Reading at Automaton.am.


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Playwright/ Video Game Journalist/ Theatre Critic/ Actor New York City · charlesbattersby.com
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