Asymmetric – Review

asymmetric play review 001In the good old days, Generals could enjoy a proper war where both sides were expected to meet on a battlefield and maneuver their troops in a carefully balanced dance of death where each army was composed of similar units using similar tactics. With the “War On Terror” a new form of warfare became prominent. One in which each side had drastically different goals, equipment and strategies. Industrialized nations fired million-dollar missiles at ten-dollar tents, while insurgents used improvised explosive devices to blow up multi-million-dollar armored vehicles. Western soldiers risked their lives to save wounded brethren while martyrs actively courted death as an objective unto itself. This new form of war is called “Asymmetric Warfare”. Mac Rogers’ new play Asymmetric is about the War On Terror, but it’s also about another form of warfare – marriage. Continue reading at

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