Interview: Jane Jensen on the 20th Anniversary Edition of Gabriel Knight

Gabriel Knight 20th anniversary Jane JensenIn 1965, Moore’s Law predicted that microprocessors would double in power every two years, and, as anticipated, computers have grown exponentially more capable over the ensuing decades. Video games become dated quickly, and with each generation of hardware there come new Enhanced Editions of last-gen classics. These HD Editions offer improved visuals, but many players recall the good old days when story trumped graphics. Twenty years ago, the first Gabriel Knight game arrived on a stack of floppy disks that contained some of the best storytelling the adventure genre has ever seen. Although that story still lives up to its legend, the graphics are “dated” to say the least. Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is getting an HD “20th Anniversary Edition” release next month, and we spoke with its designer, Jane Jensen of Pinkerton Road Studios about her career. Continue Reading at


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