The Simpsons: Tapped Out Taps Into Something New With Clash of Clones Update

Tapped Out Clash of Clones ReviewThe Simpsons: Tapped Out hit the App Store in the spring of 2012 but was promptly taken down due to rampant bugs. It was re-released in the fall of 2012 after an update, and quickly became a top-grossing game. One of the recurring gags is that the Simpsons characters know that they’re in a game, and often mock their developers. A few updates ago, Lisa Simpson even commented on how difficult it was to locate characters within her virtual Springfield because there had been so many updates, and the initial design hadn’t anticipated having that many characters in town. In her words, no one “in their darkest nightmare, envisioned Tapped Out lasting this long.” But, much like the Springfield tire fire, the game has outlasted everyone’s expectations. Two years after its relaunch, EA Mobile has released a big new update that adds in new mechanics, and a perfectly cromulent analysis of why these freemium games will outlive us all. Continue reading at


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