FALLOUT Lore: Ch.17 – Elijah’s Sierra Madre

Fallout-Lore-History-Father-Elijah-1024x576In bygone years these lands had tall tales of folk heroes like Pecos Bill, John Henry, and Paul Bunyan. Little yarns about big men. They helped children believe the world was a more magical place than it really was. Lately, folk don’t need to tell campfire stories to make the world seem… interesting. Travelers will still find a few pre-war posters and postcards about the Sierra Madre scattered around the wasteland, and every now and then some crazy old scavenger scrawls “Gone to Sierra Madre” along the highway before wandering off into the desert to die on a fool’s quest. Hundreds of years ago, foolhardy men would head out West into these hills in search of gold, but the prospectors these days are panning for pre-war prosperity. Continue reading at Shoddycast.com.  


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