Director Brent Hodge on “A Brony Tale”

a brony tale reviewWil Wheaton once said “Don’t let anyone tell you that that thing that you love is a thing that you can’t love.” The My Little Pony franchise has been around for thirty years, and for almost all of that time it was meant for little girls. However, with the latest cartoon incarnation of My Little Pony, subtitled “Friendship Is Magic” there was a change in the quality and tone of the franchise. Along with the sharper sense of humor, the occasional adventure tale, and a genuine examination of the meaning of friendship, there was also shift in the audience. Not the target audience, but an unanticipated audience of men who inexplicably tuned in week after week to watch the animated adventures of a purple unicorn and her friends. They call themselves “Bronies” and documentary filmmaker Brent Hodge set about examining this subculture through the eyes of voice actress Ashleigh Ball – who is better known to Bronies as the voice of the ponies Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Explosion spoke with Hodge about his film A Brony Tale. Continue Reading at


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