Geek Theatre Takes Over

NYITAlogo“Geek Chic” has taken over the film industry in the 21st Century. The producers who green light movies about giant robots and superheroes used to be children who played with toy robots, and watched the Superfriends. However the theatrical community has lagged behind in trying to tap this vast audience pool of sci-fi, comic book and video game fans. An Old Guard of theater snobs turned up their noses at geek theater, while greedy Broadway producers watched in horror as Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark became a legendary disaster. MEANWHILE: The Off and Off-Off-Broadway scene has been slowly cultivating geek artists and audiences for years. I’ve been a theater critic for over a decade, and a playwright for twenty years; in that time I have seen an entire generation of nerdy theatre people spring up to replace that old guard. For this generation, nerd culture isn’t a novelty, it’s just another form of storytelling. Read the full article on the New York Innovative Theater Awards website.


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