FALLOUT Lore: Ch.13 – Old Time Religion

Charles Battersby Fallout LoreBefore the war, people prayed to all sorts of gods. Most of those old religions didn’t survive the war. No time to memorize scripture, or recite prayers when every minute of the day is spent scavenging for food. Nowadays every bombed-out town in the wasteland has the remains of an old church in it, but most of them are empty, save for the radroaches and feral ghouls. If the old world gods are coming back, they sure are taking their time with it. In the meantime, the more superstitious folks in the Wasteland have been making up their own religions to help them get through the day. Continue Reading on Shoddycast.com.  


About charlesbattersby

Playwright/ Video Game Journalist/ Theatre Critic/ Actor New York City · charlesbattersby.com
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