War is a Young Man’s Game: How Video Games are Helping Soldiers Fight PTSD

charles battersby complexMy first article for Complex.com. “The war in Afghanistan began less than a year after the original Xbox launched in 2001,outlasting both the Xbox and its successor, the Xbox 360. And today gamers play shooters on the Xbox One even while soldiers still fight in the Middle East. Many of the service members fighting today were too young to have played the first Call of Duty when it came out eleven years ago, but they spent their teens with an endless stream of games that offered “realistic” combat through their virtual recreations of the Middle East. No game can prepare a civilian for war, but games do have value for a nation at war. We spoke with Afghanistan veteran Command Sergeant Major Chris Fields about how video games helped bridge the gap between generations of soldiers.” read the full article at Complex.com.


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Playwright/ Video Game Journalist/ Theatre Critic/ Actor New York City · charlesbattersby.com
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