The-Wolf-Among-Us-Episode-3-A-Crooked-Mile-Has-An-Official-Trailer-Spoilers-Abound1With episodic gaming there is always the danger that a single poorly paced episode will leave players unfulfilled, or insufficiently teased to come back for the next installment. Telltales’ The Wolf Among Us started off with a balance of action, character development, and mystery in the first episode, and ensured that players would come back for the second episode by dropping a gigantic cliffhanger. The second episode gave players the chance to rethink their actions in the first part, ensuring that they would feel as though their choices had weight and meaning to this world. It ended with a big plot twist and the developer could rest assured that players would come back to find out what happens next. Episode three charges in to provide those answers in a direct and brief manner that loses much of the momentum established so far. Continue Reading at


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