FALLOUT Lore: Ch.10 – Ghouls

Fallout Lore Ghouls and HaroldThe radiant heat of an atomic bomb can turn a human body to ash in an instant. The shockwave can crush bones and burst organs for miles in every direction. And those unfortunate enough to survive will soon succumb to the unseen threat of radioactive fallout.  Most bodies will lay down and die once they’ve absorbed enough radiation; a horrible death that takes days, but maybe better than the alternative that some people face. Ghoulification. Plenty of people in the wasteland will shoot ghouls on site.  They look like zombies, or mummies – monsters right out old horror vids. The tragedy is that most ghouls are just as intelligent now as they were back when they were human, and they’re perfectly aware of what’s happened to them.  There’s still plenty of them that have gone feral, though. Spend enough time in a rotting body, and they degenerate into little more than animals that attack any human they see. Most folk think it’s better to just shoot first and worry about being called a bigot later. Continue Reading at Shoddycast.com.

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