Burial at sea part 2 review bioshockIn the final scene of Halo 3, the Master Chief has saved the universe, only to find himself in the derelict remains of a ship floating through space. The weary soldier stows his weapons away, and climbs into a cryo-chamber with the intention of sleeping for years. But before he seals himself in, he tells his AI companion Cortana “Wake me when you need me.” This was the final Halo game made by the series creators Bungie, and as far as fans knew it could have been the end for Chief and Cortana. The series started with Chief emerging from a cryo-chamber to save the day, and in this moment, it had gone full circle with Chief right back inside the cryo-chamber waiting until he was needed again. Of course, the Chief’s last words weren’t really spoken to Cortana. They were addressed to his fans. Despite the story coming to a close, and the departure of the development team, Master Chief would always be there. The Bioshock series has come to a similar end with the release of their final content pack Burial at Sea Episode 2. The developer, Irrational Games, has handed the franchise off to a new team, but not before they brought the series full circle in this last story. Continue Reading at


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