FALLOUT Lore: Ch.2 – Super Mutants & Nightkin

Fallout-3-Super-Mutant-Slaver-1024x576The new Fallout Lore video, written by me for Shoddycast:  “When the Great War annihilated civilization, the survivors lost their loved ones, their homes, and their worldly goods.   They endured a daily search for food, water and medicine, but they also had to seek out their lost identities.  People have always defined themselves by the work they do, the place they live, the things they own.  In the Great War it wasn’t just buildings that were destroyed – entire cultures were erased from history.   In the brutal years that followed, the survivors had to define themselves again, find meaning in their existence, or face a metaphorical loss of their humanity.  But a much more literal threat to their humanity was already in place, waiting quietly beneath the desert for someone to stumble across it.  Someone did, nearly a century after the war, and that threat came closer to extinguishing humanity than all the bombs and guns of the old wars.”  Continue Reading


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Playwright/ Video Game Journalist/ Theatre Critic/ Actor New York City · charlesbattersby.com
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