FALLOUT Lore: Ch.1 – Vaults & Vault-Tec

I’m writing the Fallout Lore series for Shoddycast.com.  Here’s the second episode. “When a frightened child fears that monsters are lurking in the shadows of their bedroom they pull their covers over their head and cower, hoping that a layer of cloth will protect them from whatever unseen threats stalk the night.  On October 23rd 2077 the nightmares became all too real when the Great War commenced.  Blinding light ignited the sky, and people ducked and took cover as they had been taught, cowering under whatever they could, hoping that if they kept their eyes closed and remained still that the merciless flames would pass them by.  They hid beneath desks at school, under cars on the street, and behind desks at work.  Perhaps a few were in their beds when the flash appeared on the horizon and – perhaps they drew their blankets over their head like children, hoping that the searing pain was just a bad dream”  Continue Reading

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