The Wolverine – Review

The-Wolverine-ReviewForty years ago the Incredible Hulk was fighting bad guys in Canada, and someone at Marvel Comics figured that Canada should have their own superhero – just for such an emergency. In a strained effort to find something distinctly Canadian that isn’t a maple leaf, the writers decided to pattern Canada’s first superhero after a species of large weasel that lives Canada. Thus Wolverine was born! It took many years of slow development for this weasel man to develop into the anti-hero that movie audiences know today. The person most responsible for fleshing out the character is Chris Claremont who wrote The Uncanny X-Men comic books for over a decade, and among Claremont’s most popular story lines was a mini-series that followed Wolverine as he adventured through Japan trying to make his feral nature fit in with refined Japanese society. That miniseries forms the basis of the latest movie outing for Wolverine, which is a substantial improvement over the last attempt at Wolvie-centric film.  Continue Reading

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