Doodle Jump Kinect – Review

Doodle Jump Kinect ReviewWhen the Kinect was unveiled, hardcore gamers correctly deduced that it wasn’t going to have many games that appeal to the traditional Xbox fan and their Gears of War style of gameplay. This was never Microsoft’s intent. With the other two consoles sporting motion-sensing controllers the Xbox would be at a loss on how to deal with simple casual games that use simple motion-based controls. True, dance games make up the bulk of Kinect must-haves, but there are also quite a few weird little games for it that add in some variety to the stable. The iPhone title Doodle Jump is based around the accelerometer in mobile phones, and while this could be controlled with the thumb stick, the developers at Smoking Gun Interactive have taken advantage of the Kinect to give the Xbox 360 port Doodle Jump Kinect a little more substance than its mobile counterpart.  Continue Reading


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