Arma 3 and the Sandbocalypse

The term “First Person Shooter” doesn’t truly sum up the Arma franchise. The Armagames are military sims that favor hyper-realism for players who want more than the “One man army” experience of most other shooters.  As in real war, there are no regenerating shields, guns aren’t magic wands that send bullets unerringly towards their target, communication between teams is vital, and missions can be easily failed by misinterpreting orders. Then there are the helicopters… flying a helicopter in the Arma games takes almost as much practice and training as flying the real thing! Yet, despite the merciless learning curve, the series has amassed a loyal following of hardcore fans over the last two games, and now the developers at Bohemia Interactive have a new installment where players can spend hours learning how to expertly crash helicopters.  Continue Reading

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