Cognition Episode 3: The Oracle – Review

The first episode of the adventure series Cognition introduced players to Erica Reed, an FBI agent with psychic powers.  Erica’s ability to see into the past of locations she visited was an innovative twist on the adventure genre.  The series also tackled mature and gruesome subject matter by having Erica investigate a series of grizzly murders.  The unusual gameplay mechanics, combined with the serious themes made episode one stand out from the crowd.  When episode two arrived there was a little too much of the same, and we here at Explosion were concerned that the series would suffer from the law of diminishing returns as Erica chased serial killers all over Boston again and again.  With episode 3, subtitled The Oracle, the development team throws in some mind-bending new psychic powers, and drastically alters the typical adventure game format to give players the best episode yet.  Continue Reading

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