Sorcery! – Review

Grey-bearded old gamers love to spin tales of the glorious days back when playing a game meant running text adventures on a university mainframe.  Good times indeed, grandpa, but there’s a slightly less-grizzled generation of gamers who are too young to remember sneaking in a game of Zork between computer science classes.  This generation can still recall the many attempts to simulate computer adventure games, but without actually using a computer.  These often took the form of “Gamebooks” which used printed books to ape the basic mechanics of an interactive computer experience.  The Choose Your Own Adventure series were the most popular, but the genre of gamebook arguably hit its peak with the Sorcery! series.When the first generation of palmtop computers arrived over a decade ago, programmers almost immediately set out porting older computer games to run on the new PalmOS operating system.  Zork and the other Infocom text games have been a mainstay of palmtops and smartphones ever since.  Now that smartphones and tablets readily surpass the processing power of the old mainframes, these old games are not just getting ported, they’re being enhanced and modernized.  Continue Reading


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