Iphigenia At Aulis – Review

iphigenia at aulis 001Modern audiences are lucky.  In the old days, back in Ancient Greece, people sat for hours in a stadium listening to actors belt out lengthy monologs that all boiled down to “Hey everyone, something really interesting just happened offstage!  Listen while I tell you about it for five minutes!” These melodramatic classics are the foundation of our modern theater, and our snappy dialog wouldn’t exist without these primitive ancestors.  The Greek classics deserve to be produced so that new generations can be aware of them as something other than textbooks from college, but making the ancient style of Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides interesting for modern audiences is quite a challenge.  That’s why Untitled Theater Company #61 and La Mama have polished up Iphigenia in Aulis with rock music, masks, and comic book art.  Continue Reading


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