Hands-on With Neverwinter

Hands-on With Neverwinter

Dungeons & Dragons fans have an intense love for Neverwinter Nights, an amazing RPG series that dates back to the early 90′s, but was popularized by Bioware in 2002.  It captured the vast amount of choice that D&D offered to players when creating their characters, and let virtual dungeon masters make their own adventures and share them with friends.  It even supported multiplayer adventuring in the days when broadband was a rare luxury.  Obsidian made an equally loved sequel in 2006 but the franchise never got a third game.  The new MMO, Neverwinter by Cryptic Studios is not Neverwinter Nights 3, but it does offer gamers a genuine D&D experience, complete with the ability to create and share adventures.  Continue Reading


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