It Comes From Beyond – Review

In the 50’s, manly men wielded science as America’s weapon against Commies, and space monsters alike.  Whether from another economic system, or another planet, people who were different from us were coming to destroy our way of life!  This resulted in some excellent science fiction that exploited a universal fear of The Other.  It also gave rise to a bunch of bad monster movies written by screenwriters who were unwittingly carried along by the zeitgeist and wrote “Supernatural thrillers” about scary creatures without actually intending to make social commentary.  Our modern writers can look back and see the (Unintentional) symbolism of those old stories and have a little fun with our paranoid forefathers.  It Comes From Beyond has a title so xenophobic that it wouldn’t be out of place on the marquee outside a Saturday movie matinee, but it’s actually the name of an off-off-Broadway satire. Continue reading →


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