Can’t Wait For Bioshock Infinite? Try Minerva’s Den

Can’t Wait For Bioshock Infinite? Try Minerva’s Den

The first Bioshock was an amazing game with a clever method of telling its story.  The Player arrives in a fascinating place shortly after an interesting event has happened.  It isn’t about experiencing the fall of Rapture, it’s about unearthing the tale of how and why it happened. It was a completely self-contained story with no need for a sequel.  But Bioshock 2 was swiftly put in the works, foisting an unnecessary sequel onto store shelves regardless of whether or not fans wanted it.  Gamers were right to be skeptical as news rolled out of a tacked-on miultiplayer mode, and retcons to the story.  Yet it turned out that Bioshock 2 eventually made of the best contributions to this franchise; a DLC pack called Minerva’s DenContinue Reading

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