Resident Evil 6 – Preview

Resident Evil 6 Preview

They’re cranking out Resident Evil products by the bucketful this year. Resident Evil Revelations wowed 3DS owners, the new movie Resident Evil Retribution features some very attractive women fighting zombies, the animated feature Resident Evil Damnation hits DVD next week, and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was… well it had “Resident Evil” in the title and that should count for something.  Next up is the long-awaitedResident Evil 6 which hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 the first week of October, just in time to get everyone in the mood for Halloween.  A lengthy demo hit PSN and XBLA this week, and here are our thoughts on how the new game is shaping up.  The developers have divided the demo into three separate missions, each of which shows a different set of playable characters, and a different form of gameplay.  Fans of Resident Evil 4 and RE5 should enjoy the mission that features Leon and new sidekick Helena.  This follows the sort of level design that players have seen in previous games, and the enemies are traditional lumbering human zombies.  Handguns and shotguns are the weapons available, and this shows that at least part of Resident Evil 6 will respect that popular RE 4 formula.  Continue Reading


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