Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Review

Capcom has been trying to shoehorn multiplayer into the Resident Evil franchise for a decade.  It started with the overly ambitious Outbreak games, which had tech demands beyond what the Playstation 2 could muster.  Resident Evil 5 shackled you with an AI dope who could also become a partner when playing coop multiplayer, but its use of online in the “Mercenaries” minigame was the first real inkling of an effective multiplayer mode.  Just recently, the 3DS had some excellent multiplayer minigames as well, but the series has never successfully let gamers join a group of fellow zombie killers for a lengthy cooperative campaign in the Resident Evil universe until Operation Raccoon City. Continue Reading


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  1. Im sorry I hated this game. I feel that if it wasnt for the “Resident Evil” in the title it would be significantly rated lower. Ah though, to each his own. You can check out my slightly more critical review at

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