The Backlog: Indigo Prophecy

The most interesting thing that came out of the Game Developers Conference this month was Project KARA.  Not a game, or even a trailer for a game, just a tech demo of the motion capture techniques that developer Quantic Dream will use in their next project.  KARA was the heart-wrenching story of an android becoming sentient right before our eyes, then finding out that her death is imminent.  This seven-minute video has a gripping story that is better than most games can accomplish in 40 hours.  Quantic Dream are the people who made Heavy Rain for PlayStation 3, a game known for its powerful story, but this French developer also created an engrossing interactive narrative for last-gen consoles as well.  I’ve had Indigo Prophecy (known as Fahrenheit outside of North America) on my PC for years, hoping to find the time to play it, but seeing KARA put it at the top of my list.  Continue Reading


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