Will Mass Effect 3’s “Action Mode” Ruin The Game?

The first chance at some hands on with Mass Effect 3 hit the internet this week as the single-player demo became available.  The many fans of this franchise can finally try the new mechanics, experience the continuation of the epic story and ogle the new graphics.  There are also many smaller tweaks to the Mass Effect experience added in this third installment of the franchise.  Among them is a new gameplay pre-set system that allows players to tailor the experience to resemble their preferred gaming genre.  This system offers three “Modes”, Action, RPG or the classic Mass Effect hybrid of action and roleplay.  Unfortunately, players who choose the “Action” option are playing the game wrong.  Continue Reading


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One Response to Will Mass Effect 3’s “Action Mode” Ruin The Game?

  1. sno9400 says:

    It gives the ability to play the way you want which is kinda fresh, some people dont really care for a story.. they just want to kill stuff and do upgrades, on the other end its difficult for new gamers or those without ability to progress in the game because they cannot get past the shooting scenes. Really it gives great options and has potential

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