The Backlog: Red Dead Replay

My backlog of unplayed games is larger than I thought.  While settling in to try out last year’s Red Dead Redemption, I realized that I still had an unplayed copy of Red Dead Revolver – the first game in the series from 2004!  I sat down with both of them, along with some of the DLC for Redemption to check out the origins of the franchise, and to see how the series progressed into the modern console generation.

Red Dead Redemption is a “Spiritual Successor” to Red Dead Revolver, rather than a true sequel.  Both are westerns, but Redemption is a free-roaming sandbox game in the vein of Grand Theft Auto, while the original Revolver was a linear third person shooter much more akin to Max Payne than GTA.  Revolver as it turns out, is a very dated game, and not just in terms of gameplay. Continue Reading

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