The Backlog: Trine

One of the reasons I have so many un-played games in my backlog is the abundance of cheap indie games. I buy them by the bucketful, but most of them end up buried under the next Humble Bundle, or whatever I get during Steam’s monthly “Excuse To Have A Sale” sale.  Such is the case with Trine, by Finnish developer Frozenbyte. Since Trine 2 hit digital shelves earlier this week, I pulled the first game in the series out of a pile of other indies on my hard drive and tried to determine if it still deserves the average gamer’s attention.  Trine has a clever premise: Three people who each represent one of the RPG game archetypes (Wizard, Thief and Knight) have been trapped in a single body by a mystical artifact.  This means that the Player can use any of the powers of a rogue, tank or support character, but only one at a time.  Continue Reading


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