Street Fighter X Tekken Hands-On Preview

Last weekend at the New York Comic Con, Capcom held a panel that revealed not only when you’ll be able to get your hands on Street Fighter X Tekken, but also the extras that will come in the Special edition, along with details on the new “Gem” system that will help in balancing the game for newbies, and providing experienced players the option to better customize their characters.  I also got some hands-on play with the game as well.  Here’s what fighting fans need to know.  It plays with a more realistic style than the recent Marvel VS Capcom games, with less over-the-top mega ultra super attacks.  Projectile attacks are present, giving it more of a Street Fighter feel than aTekken game.  The game it most closely resembles is Street Fighter IV, but with a very robust tag team system. Continue Reading

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