Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Review

My Adam Jensen is cooler than your Adam Jensen.  My Adam is silent, fast and invisible.  He can run past you without you knowing he was there at all.  If he feels like killing you, his pistol is so silent that you’ll never hear it even as your friends start dropping all around you.  If you’re wearing a lot of armor, that’s not a problem for his revolver.  It isn’t silenced, but it’ll be the last thing you ever hear.  Adam is the main character in Deus Ex Human Revolution; he’s a cyborg, and players can choose which cybernetic augmentations he gets as the game progresses.  Bullet-proof skin, X-Ray vision, Super Strength, Hacking, Radar… Jensen can have dozens of powers, and the player gets to choose how all of this develops, along with many other choices throughout the game. Adam Jensen is whatever you want him to be… Continue Reading

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