Batz – Review

Remember when you were a kid, playing superheroes and acting out stories you saw in comic books or cartoons.  Well, there’s a new performance art piece called Batz, which is just like that, except by and for grown-ups.  In it a narrator reads aloud from issues of classic Batman comics from the 30’s and 40’s while a company of actors act out the adventures of Gotham City’s winged hero, never failing to point out dated language, implausible plotlines, and unintended sexual themes.  For those who aren’t familiar with the meta-joke here; there’s a theater company in New York that does a show called “Gatz” which involves reading the entire novel The Great Gatsby aloud on stage.  It has a running time of eight hours, and is quite popular with the artsy-smartsy crowd.  Batz, on the other hand isn’t high art or anything, it’s just great fun.  Read the rest of this review at:

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