LA Noire Gets Hardboiled DLC

I hate writing news articles that boil down to “Game Company announces New Game Thing”.  It’s not really journalism, just recycling a press release.  So I put a little twist on the latest announcement from Rockstar Games about their Film Noire-inspired game LA Noire:  The dame was bad news.  Knuckles Battersby had never met a dame who wasn’t bad news, but this one wore trouble like perfume, he could smell it on her before she even entered the room, and he knew he would be in trouble long after she was gone.  Her name was Dahlia L Cain, but her monogrammed bag just read “DLC”…  Okay you mugs, read the rest of this two-fisted tale at


About charlesbattersby

Playwright/ Video Game Journalist/ Theatre Critic/ Actor New York City ·
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