Do Pre-order Bonuses Unbalance Games?

“You can have this game for fifty bucks, but for sixty, I’ll make it slightly less enjoyable”.  That’s not a good deal, but that’s what has been offered to gamers with many titles released in the last year or so.  The used game market has caused a lot of damage to game developers; why buy a new copy when a used one is ten bucks cheaper? That’s a great deal for retailers who get to sell the same disk multiple times without having to pay the publisher.  This led to publishers giving away download codes for free in-game goodies with new copies of their games… But are these “Bonuses” actually reducing the amount of enjoyment players get from the game by unbalancing the difficulty with arsenals of extra firepower?  Read the full piece at  

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Playwright/ Video Game Journalist/ Theatre Critic/ Actor New York City ·
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