An interview about my game “Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday”


We’re proud to announce that Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday, the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for Steam, Android, and on iOS in the “Choice of Games” app.

Escape your captors…and endure your rescuers, but don’t be late to the ball! When you are kidnapped, you must take charge of your rescue, and reclaim your rightful throne.

Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday is a 158,000-word interactive comedy by Charles Battersby, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.  Continue reading on the Choice of Games Blog.

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My Latest Game Mod: “Fallout: Brotherhood”

I wrote most of the dialog and Narrative Design for this Fallout 4 mod by Shoddycast. It features voicework by Mark Meer (Commander Shepard from “Mass Effect”). Here’s a trailer (Yes, that’s my voice as the Brotherhood Commander).

“The long-awaited Fallout: Brotherhood mod for Fallout 4! Fallout: Brotherhood is an interactive lore mod starring Mass Effect’s Mark Meer as Roger Maxson, the legendary founder of the Brotherhood of Steel. Return to the memory den as the Sole Survivor and help the Storyteller uncover what happened at the Mariposa Military Base in the days leading up to the Great War on October 23rd, 2077.”

Get the Mod Here: PC – Nexus |…

PC – |…

XBOX – |…

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In Darkness & Daylight, Guardian Angels’ Chelsea Patrol Sees Little Action, Much Interest

Here’s an article I wrote about the time I went on patrol with the Guardian angels!

It’s the sunny Saturday afternoon of Oct. 10, and Chelsea is filled with people enjoying the kind of warm fall day we’ll be seeing less and less of. What’s more, with COVID-19 restrictions loosening, there are plenty of shoppers and pedestrians on the street at this time of day. This isn’t what I thought “Patrolling for Crime” would look like. Continue Reading at

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Review: ‘A Woman’s Work: The NFL’s Cheerleader Problem’

Tonight on PBS they’re running a documentary on NFL Cheerleaders. I caught this at the Tribeca Film Festival last year. Here’s my review:

Being a “professional cheerleader” isn’t quite what people think it is. The job comes with fame, social status, and a great outfit. But “wealth” isn’t part of the package. NFL cheerleaders have filed several lawsuits claiming they were underpaid for their work, and “A Woman’s Work” chronicles several of these suits, and the women behind them. Continue Reading at

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Fallout Brotherhood: Full playthrough

I helped write this mod for Fallout 4. Here’s a full run through it:

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For Communities Cut Off From COVID-Cancelled Cons, a Response with Global Reach

Among the fringe benefits of being a journalist in New York City is the opportunity to attend industry conventions, with full access to things the general public doesn’t get to experience. My last con was February 2020’s Toy Fair, at the Javits Center. Most of the companies I spoke to said they expected a slight delay, about two months, in getting their products to market, due to some virus that was affecting parts of China at the time. In that same week, there was a Boston-based video game convention called the Penny Arcade Expo [PAX] East, which was 2020’s last big convention targeted at the gaming and comic subcultures. Soon after, there was cascade of canceled cons in March, then April, and May. Continue reading at Chelsea Community News.

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Trailer for my game: “Kidnapped: A Royal Birthday”

I wrote a video game for Choice of Games. Here’s the trailer for “Kidnapped: A Royal Birthday. You can buy the game and play the demo for free HERE.

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“Disclosure” Delivers Dimensioned Depiction of the Transgender Experience

It will be impossible for me to review Disclosure objectively, because it is a resoundingly authentic documentary about transgender actors in the film and TV industry. And, when I’m not working as a writer, I’m an actress.

The performers interviewed in Disclosure include Laverne Cox, Candis Cayne, MJ Rodriguez, and others, plus behind the scenes trans people like film director Lilly Wachowski. Their stories are so similar to my own that I felt like I was watching an interview with myself. Halfway through, I started to wonder if the filmmakers would end up showing a clip of me in one of my many “Trans Hooker #2” roles. Sure enough, the final montage of the movie does have a brief clip of me as “Trans Party Guest” in a scene from Tales of the City. As someone who has “been there,” I can say that this documentary is one of the most accurate depictions of the transgender experience that I have seen. Continue reading at

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Baby Shark Attacks L.O.L. Surprise, at Toy Fair 2020

My thoughts on the 2020 NY Toy Fair: “Once a year, the Jacob Javits Center is transformed into a giant toy box for Toy Fair New York. Alas, children cannot attend. It is reserved only for members of the toy industry (and lucky kids who parents work in the toy business). We infiltrated this wonderland for a look at award-winning toys from the last year, as well as upcoming delights that won’t hit shelves until later this year.” Continue Reading at

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It’s Crunch Time: See NYC’s Diverse ‘Nutcracker’ Productions Before They Dance Off to Dreamland

An article I wrote about New York’s MANY productions of The Nutcracker: “Balletomanes tend to roll their eyes at The Nutcracker Suite—but because it takes place during a Christmas party, no one can resist the allure of this seasonal classic. Some people even see it multiple times a year. New York City has more productions of it than you can shake a candy cane at, and here are a dozen places you can get your nuts cracked this year.” Continue Reading at

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